How to Be Nice to People: Be Around Nice People

Nice people (Sara) © by Luca Violetto

The atmosphere in a room is contagious. Have you ever had the experience of walking into a room where something terrible just took place? Even if people try to hide it you can feel the negative vibrations in the air. The negative mood immediately catches on and you will start feeling bad.

You cannot help being influenced by the people you have around you. If they are very negative people you will become negative; if they are bad people you will become bad; if they are happy you will become happy. If you are around people that are generally not nice people you will become like them.

We tend to adapt the behaviour of the people we are around, and that is exactly why it is important for you to be around nice people. If you want to be a nice person you should socialize with nice people.

Simplify your life by discarding toxic people. Toxic people are the kind of people that are always negative; they seem to be able to complain about everything and sometimes it seems like their only mission in life is to find something to grumble and whine about. Do not spend time with these people; they will not contribute with anything positive to your life. They will drag you down until you become like them.

Today was a fantastic day for me until I went to work on my part time job. When I arrived the atmosphere was very bad and I found out that seven people had been dismissed and others had lost their positions and transferred to lower jobs. I could not help being influenced by this atmosphere and my fantastic day suddenly felt bad; I felt discouraged.

Thus, to be nice you should be around nice people.

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