A Simple Life Strategy

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I talked to a friend yesterday and she is looking for a job and has been looking for a while. I asked her what kind of job she is looking for and she answered – something in marketing. I then asked her what position wanted and she answered – any position! When I asked her what industry she wanted to work in she answered – that doesn’t matter, only not finance!

If you recognise this situation then it is time for you to figure out what you want, because if you do not know what you want then how will you ask for it? You have to know exactly what you want in life. If you want a job you have to know exactly what position you want, what company you want to work for etc. In life you have to be very specific about what you want and how to get it.

A strategy is a plan of action to reach your goals. Your life strategy is a plan of action that includes your resources and how you are going to use these resources to reach you goals in life. It is a huge project, life long, to create and carry out a strategy to your goals but the strategy itself has some simple core items.

  1. Clarity. What exactly do you want in life? That is your goals.
  2. Resources. Know your resources; they are your means to reach your goals.
  3. Planning. How are you going to use your resources to reach your goals?
  4. Action. Roll up your sleeves and get down to it!

Simple example: You are thirsty. Before you drink you have to figure out what you want to drink and how to get it. You decide that you want water. You are at the office waiting for an important phone call; you cannot leave your desk. What are your resources? There is a water cooler next door; you have an empty bottle and three colleagues. You know one of them frequently goes next door to get printouts. Now you make a plan; next time your colleague is going to get a printout you will ask him to fill your bottle and say thank you for helping you out. Take action!

If you are 100 % clear about what you want in a specific situation and you know your resources and how to get it, then I can guarantee that you will get it! That goes for anything you want in life.


  1. Being specific about your goals is so important. You give us details about how to do this. Your example about “thirst” is perfect.

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