Life Is About Making Choices

Life Is About Learning to Dance in the Rain © by FindYourSearch

It is easy to make a choice. What stops people from making a choice, is that they are afraid of the outcome of that specific choice. It is the fear of uncertainty that stops people from making a choice. But you cannot escape the fact that you have to make choices to live your life; if you avoid making decisions your life will become very difficult.

If you are unhappy, then choose to be happy; if you want to be rich, then choose to be rich; if you want a partner, then choose to get one; if you want to loose weight then, choose to loose weight. It sounds so easy to do, does it not? Let me reveal a secret for you that have been kept secret for you until today: It is that easy! Once you realise how easy it is you will wonder why you have not done this before.

If you want something to happen in your life then you have to do something to make it happen. Action involves decisions; you need to decide what to do to take action and make things happen. Your future depends on the choices you make and if you do not make any choices then you do not have a future.

You get exactly what you ask for; and if all you ask for is fear of choosing then all you will get is stagnation and fear. But I have I solution to your problem of fear: – choose not to be afraid. Choose to trust that your choice is a good one. The choices you make are based on what you feel is good for you and what you want in the future. If you let anyone else decide what is good for you, then you will never get what you want from life. Then you would be living someone else’s life and not your own life.

When you have made a choice making something happen you will know deep down inside yourself that you will succeed. When you have made a specific choice you will be focused and you will do what it takes to carry out that decision. When you have done it you will feel a rush because you have overcome fear and you experienced the intoxicating feeling doing it.

Now go face your fears and make those choices to create your future!

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