The Secret About Focus Is Meaning

Secret (70/365) © by andrewrennie

Yesterday I stumbled upon a website with a collection of motivational speeches; I listened to a few of them and I was reminded about something I wrote in my book trying to put forward my theory of action. To take action you need to keep a positive focus, you need to know what it is you want.

I distinguish between insight and understanding. Insight is the kind of knowledge you have when you know about something and is able to recognise it, but you will not be able to teach it or communicate it in your own words. To be able to communicate in your own words things have to be meaningful; you have to really understand them.

To take action you need to focus, and to focus you need meaning; focusing has to make sense to you. In the short run you can change to a positive focus by thinking about the random positive things that pops into your mind; but if you want to stay positive on the long run you need things to make sense.

The first real job I had was at a company producing weighing cells; my title was information assistant; I was responsible to the sales manager who did not know much about the job I had to do. One day a disagreement ended up in an argument and he send me down to the stockroom to count all the weighing cells on stock. I did not understand why I had to do this meaningless work that would take days; but it was his way of punishing me for disagreeing. As a result I started being very unhappy about my job and one month later I quit the job.

My point is that if you do things that do not make sense to you then you will stop doing them or become very unhappy about them. Thus, if you have a goal then ask yourself why you want to reach that goal and then things will start making sense.

What do you want? What is your dream?

Why do you want that? Does it make sense?

Focus on your goal.

Make a plan for action

Speak Your Mind