13 Ways to Improve Your Self-Confidence

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The theme for the past two weeks has been self-confidence and today I have made a list of all the articles I wrote about this. Each item on the list below is linked to the corresponding article. If you want to build your self-esteem instead, then take a look at my series about self-esteem.

  1. Radiate confidence. Specific actions you can take to improve your self-confidence instantly. Mind that radiating self-confidence does not mean that you are self-confident but people will perceive you as such. It is a way to help you feel more confident.
  2. Accomplish something. Sitting around thinking only makes things worse; over analysing will create fear and you will miss all the action; you will also miss the opportunity to accomplish something.
  3. Achieve mastery. How is it possible for a person with low self-confidence to achieve mastery? I can see the contradiction because lack of self-confidence is the belief that you do not have the abilities to achieve mastery.
  4. Define yourself. Do not let an event or other people define who you are! If I tell you to give me a list of ten words that describe you best, would you be able to make that list?
  5. Confront your fears. Nothing is more stimulating for your self-confidence than accomplishing something you dread. E.g. go parachuting; confronting a tiger; getting stuck in quicksand or jumping a cleft.
  6. Exercise. Doing sports and exercise indirectly improves your self-confidence because being physical active has a wide range of advantages: It keeps you both mental and physical fit.
  7. Recall past successes. A bad experience leaves a greater impression than does a good experience. As a rule of thumb you need 10 good experiences to cancel out the impression of a bad experience.
  8. Keep cool. I am cool! I can say that for sure and so should you. I was not able to say so 15 years ago but today I can. I have had experiences where I needed to keep cool.
  9. Stop Worrying. Worry is a negative way of thinking that will bring you to a dead end. There are two kinds of worries and that some people prefer to distinguish the two by calling one for worries and the other for concerns.
  10. Be specific. You can have high self-confidence in one area but low in another; you have to be specific about the area of life you are working on an improved self-confidence.
  11. You get what you ask for. Have you noticed what happens when you walk into a shop? A sales assistant will greet you and ask if you need help finding what you need.
  12. Positive language. I know I have said it many times and I will continue repeating because it is very important: You need to have a positive focus
  13. Visualise. You have probably experienced the feeling of picturing yourself in a desired situation. It is almost is if you were there.

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