How to Improve Self-Confidence: Radiate Confidence

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I will start this series about self-confidence by giving you some specific actions you can take to improve your self-confidence instantly. Mind that radiating self-confidence does not mean that you are self-confident but people will perceive you as such. It is a way to help you feel more confident.

Other people’s judgement will help you feel more confident. What you send out is what you will get back. If you have a negative attitude, people will seem rude and negative, but if you have a positive attitude people will seem friendly and helpful. Thus, by radiating self-confidence people will strengthen your belief in your own abilities.

Ask yourself how you would like to be perceived by you social environment. Be true to yourself and be realistic, because you will only be able to radiate you true self. You cannot choose another personality. Now make yourself visible and let people see who you are and let them help you fortify your belief in yourself.

E.g. if I want to be really good at making scrambled eggs and I am afraid of failing and keep out of the kitchen and never take part in any kind of cooking, then it will be hard for people to perceive me as a good scrambled eggs cook. What I have to do to get closer to my goal is to look for situations that are close to my goal and to communicate my ambitions. I could start buying loads of eggs and books about scrambled eggs and tell my friends about my ambitions. I can dress like a scrambled eggs cook and use symbols that associate with scrambled eggs.

The confirmation and acknowledgement you harvest from your environment will strengthen your belief that you can do this. Here are a few things you can do to let your environment help you being more self-confident:

  1. Dress sharp. Show people that you care about how you dress. Do not buy expensive clothes but think about colour combinations and make sure your clothes are clean and presentable.
  2. Walk faster. Keeping a good pace makes people think: – This person knows where he his going!
  3. Good posture. Keep your head up, straighten you back and keep your shoulders back.
  4. Motivate. Give yourself a motivational speech every day.
  5. Be grateful. Say thank you and remind yourself of all your past achievements and successes.
  6. Smile!
  7. Compliment other people. If you bring out the best in other people, they will bring out the best in you.
  8. Be visible. Sit in front and stay in the centre. Walk in the middle of the street.
  9. Look up! – And in the eyes of others.
  10. Speak up. At least once in a discussion or social gathering.
  11. Work out. Keep a fit body that will help you keep a good posture.
  12. Contribute. Give what you have to give and do not worry if it is perfect. E.g. you receive a drawing from a child; the drawing is hideous but you are grateful because of the act of giving. People will receive what you have to give if the act of giving is genuine.

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