How to Be Successful: Take Action

Worried bride © by spaceodissey

Do you think that successful people are perfect people that sit around analysing? Well, they are not! Successful people make more mistakes than anyone else because the take action. For some strange reason they seem to be everywhere. The most successful people seem to be able to manage huge amounts of projects at the same time and physically be at several places while doing it. It sounds stressing but the secret behind great success is to keep a sense of perspective and a cool head.

Successful people take action at any given opportunity they find intriguing. They use a combination of skills, experience, sense of adventure and a strong belief that everything will turn out well. If they fail it does not matter; they still have a good story to tell.

If you want success then do not analyse everything in-depth. There is no way you can predict the precise outcome anyway. Just act on you intuition and enthusiasm about your new idea; try it out and see what happens. But do not be reckless about it; maintain your common sense.

Some people tend to worry too much or to over analyse things. Typical thoughts are: What if it goes wrong? What if I break something? What would people think about me? Etc. Successful do not think like this; they do not care. Their focus is to experience and learn something new using their common sense. The typical question successful people would ask is: What is the worst thing that could happen? If they can live with the possible consequences then they leap into action.

E.g. one week ago I decided to bake some dark bread that would take 5 days to prepare. The existent recipes did not intrigue me; I wanted to do it in a new way. I tried to figure out how to do it but ended up with the choice of trial and error. I had great success although I had to toss the result in the bin. What I learned was that my oven is very old and not heating right. Tomorrow I will give it another go and adjust the temperature.

3 good tips to take action and feel success:

  1. Keep your common sense and do not over analyse.
  2. Ask yourself: “What is the worst thing that could happen?”
  3. Believe in yourself and expect to learn something new.

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