How to Be Successful: Take Responsibility

Preparing for the crowds later in the day © by MoBikeFed

It is easy to be unhappy and have a negative focus. Negative events have a greater impact than positive events have. That is why you should be careful when you express your discontent. People cannot do anything about your complaints; well they could, but they will not. Why not? – Because they are not interested, they are not the ones complaining about it!

You are the one who is displeased; consequently you are the one who have to take the responsibility. If you do not want to do that, then stop complaining and leave it. Yes, it is annoying that the sea goals are screaming in the morning, but if you are not going to do anything about it then stop bothering your family and friends with you complaints.

When you experience something you do not like, then consider the three basic choices you have: Accept, leave or change. If you accept the situation, then do not focus on the problem anymore, just let it be. If it troubles you too much and you choose to leave, then do so, but do not bother the people that like things as they are. Your life will be miserable if you choose to complaint instead of doing something about the things you do not like.

Successful people make the third choice; they take responsibility and they take action to change the situation to something better. E.g. I am not happy about our government at the moment, and I have to admit that it is extremely difficult not to express my discontent. But I have to ask myself what good does it do that I complaint about the government to my friends? – Nothing! I should go into politics and try to actually do something to change things to the better, but I do not have the time nor do I fancy being a politician; then what should I do? – I have to accept and acknowledge that the majority of the population is happy with our government and change focus to something else.

3 steps to take responsibility:

  1. Define what displeases you.
  2. Discover what you really want instead.
  3. Put focus on and your energy into what you want.

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