How To Build Your Self-Esteem: Receive

Present from Evan! © by judsond

When you receive something it is an appreciation of you. Even a small favour or a compliment is an appreciation. If someone wants to give you something or do something for you it is because that person likes you and wants to show that by offering you something.

How do you feel if someone turns you down when you want to give? It feels great to give and see the happiness, the surprise and the joy it brings. To make someone else happy is the greatest thing. But remember that giving requires receiving. How do you feel about people that do not want what you have to offer?

First you would feel a bit offended and then you would feel the other person is arrogant. Later you would feel self-pity because what you have to offer is not good enough and then comes low self-esteem. If you turn down a favour, a present or a compliment then you will be perceived arrogant. If a person gives you something then take it, smile and say thank you. That person only wants to show you that you are worth giving something and by receiving you demonstrate that what this person has to offer is valuable to you.

Furthermore, would you like to receive from people who do not want what you have to offer? E.g. you come to a dinner party bringing a good bottle of red wine and offer it to the host. The host looks at it and gives you a shallow smile and puts your wine away in the kitchen. At the dinner table he offers you a brilliant red wine he picked up on his last trip to France. How would you feel? Would you enjoy the wine? I know I would not and I would feel inferior.

Task no. 12: Be ready to receive and say thank you when you do. Be aware that the act of giving is an appreciation of you because you are worth giving.

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