How To Build Your Self-Esteem: Next Step

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When you set goals it is like plotting your position into your mental map and plotting the place where you want to go. But do you know the next step to get there? If you do not know what to do next then you risk giving up and then the excuses start again and that is not good for your self-esteem.

To ensure continuous improvement of your self-esteem you have to know where to go next; always think ahead. If you are to give someone directions you will say something like, – turn right at the next traffic light, then you will see a church where you have to turn right again…

If the driver were to drive around on random the he would never reach his destination and neither will you if you do not know the next step. When you set goals, or put destinations on your mental map, then you also have to choose a good path by deciding what to do to get there. Your path towards your goal consists of several small tasks you have to carry out and take action on. Put those tasks on a to-do list and work your way through item by item.

If a task is to big then spilt it into smaller parts. Every step on your way has to be easy to take action on. Sometimes you will meet obstacles along the road but do not worry about that. Life sometimes takes new directions; accept the new situation and find a new path to follow. It is important that you do not cling to your original plan. Life conditions change and so should you. Life becomes too hard if you swim against the stream all the time. There is always another way to reach your goal if you are willing to diverge from the path you expected to follow.

Task no. 9: Take another look at one of your goals and make a small to-do list of easy actions you can take to get closer to your destination.

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