How To Build Your Self-Esteem: Give


My experience is that I learn more by explaining something for someone than by being taught something. By teaching others or merely communicating something to other people I soon realise if I have gabs in my knowledge. Conveying knowledge generates new knowledge!

I found that this is a general rule in life: Anything you give will generate something in return. Now you are thinking that cannot be true; but it is true. Anything you need you have to give out. I know it sounds crazy because why would anyone give something away they need? Well, you can philosophise about that, but try it out as well.

Today I encourage you to give out self-esteem by making other people feel good about themselves. If you make other people feel good then they will make you feel good and that feeling will improve your self-esteem. Make someone smile and you will get a smile in return and that will make you feel good. Give a compliment and people will say thank you and smile.

If you help someone that needs help, then you will be appreciated and the appreciation will make you feel that your help has a value. What you can do for someone else has a value and that value adds to your self-esteem. Your self-esteem is like a piggy bank where you put in loose change. At first the piggy bank is empty but the more small change you put in, the more value the piggy bank contains.

Like the piggy bank, the more value you give to other people, the more value you can add to your self-esteem. By helping other people, by giving them compliments and by making them happy, you create a value for these people. They will appreciate your deeds and show you how much they are worth. This means that you need other people to add value to your self-esteem and they need you to do the same.

Task no. 8: Find a way to make someone happy and collect the appreciation for your ‘piggy bank’.

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