How To Build Your Self-Esteem: Perspective

Looking Through Spy Hole Girl Sketch © by ssoosay

– What an interesting person you are looking at, my girlfriend remarked as I was looking at what I thought was a ship in distress. – It’s a ship, I corrected her, but she rejected and pointed out eyes and mouth on my ship. After a while the colours on the canvas rearranged and my ship sailed away to make room for my girlfriend’s person.

I like visiting the art museum because I like to fantasise about what the artist is trying to express with his creation. The sight lies in the eyes of the beholder; it all depends on what is important for the person seeing. Maybe I saw a ship because I long for travelling and maybe my girlfriend saw a person because she is going to a social event next day that she has planned for a long time?

This demonstrates that things around us are perceived differently, it all depends on the worldview that each of us have adapted. By listening to yourself and others, i.e. taking another perspective, the world looks different. If you are unhappy with your life, then change your perspective and you change your life.

You need to put your life into perspective to improve your self-esteem. Mind map all your life areas that are important for you and you will realise that you spend a lot of time worrying about things that are not important. By setting your life into perspective you create a map that makes it easier for you to focus on what is important to you. When you change focus you enable yourself to put yourself in the right place in life.

Do you know the feeling of being at a place you do not belong? People seem strange to you and you feel out of context; you feel weird because people frown at you and you just feel like running away. If you feel the same about your life, then find out where you want to be and go there!

Task no. 7: Make a mind map of all the important areas of your life and decide what is more important. Put focus on the important areas and ask yourself: – What can I do to get there?

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