How To Build Your Self-Esteem: Do Things You Are Good At

girl doing handstand © by tonydude919

To nudge your self-esteem up you can do activities you know that you are good at. If you do not think that you are good at anything, then think about what you like to do. Usually you are good at doing activities you enjoy doing because when you do something you like to do you will always be motivated to do your best and it is difficult for you to stop doing it. That means that things you like to do you tend to do more than other people would.

This makes you a small expert on the field that interest you and people will acknowledge your expertise. If you are good at swimming, then go swimming and experience the feeling of being good at swimming. If you are good at cooking, then go cooking and invite friends to dinner; they will compliment your food and that will boost your self-esteem.

When you choose to do something you like to do, then choose activities where you take active part using your skills. Watching TV will not help you even if you are good at it. You should do things you are good at as often as possible to demonstrate to yourself that you at good at it.

It can sometimes be hard to convince yourself that you are good at doing what you like to do, but it is important that you compliment yourself for your accomplishments. Communicate what you do to other people or just show them what you can do or have done. When they compliment you then say – thank you – and smile!

You have to be able to take a compliment and believe in it. If you get a compliment then do not try to make excuses, do not start explaining, and do not reject the compliment! Take the compliment and be happy. Enjoy the fact that you are good at something!

Task no. 6: Do something that you are good at every day and communicate your success to someone else. Take the compliment and be happy.

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