The Secret About Consistency

No matter what your beliefs are and no matter what you think or want in life then consistency is important. It does not matter if you are a liberal or a socialist, if you are Christian or a Buddhist, consistency is still extremely important. If you want people to trust you, if you want people to take you seriously then you have to demonstrate consistency.

You have to be consistent in what you say and what you do. If you say one thing then you have to act accordingly. Unconsciously your brain catches signals that are inconsistent and that makes you alert and take a step back. It is a natural behaviour and it is a convenient part of your defence system.

If you want to be the next president you need to act accordingly or you will not be elected. It may seem unfair that you will be judged on the way you look and act in public, but whether you like it or not, people will judge you on your consistency. Does a president wear a t-shirt in congress? No he does not! But why does he not? Does his clothing have any influence on his qualifications? No it does not! But it does influence the unconscious of people from whom he needs trust.

If you were to hire a sales representative and you have to choose between two candidates. They are both highly qualified and both dressed for success, but one of them did not shake hands when you met the first time. Then whom do you choose? There could be hundreds of reasons for not shaking hands but most people will think of it as negative and rude. Thereby the candidate has made a bad impression and he was inconsistent. He lost credibility!

Consistency is important if you need other people’s trust and credibility. This is especially important for public figures like politicians, actors, businessmen etc. If you make one stupid mistake as a public figure, then it does not matter if you are qualified or otherwise trustworthy. If people scent inconsistency then you will loose credibility.

The mistakes can be anything and they do not have to be relevant for your function. Is it fair? No it is not, but that is how it works!

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