How To Build Your Self-Esteem: Visualise

Mirror © by Ramona.Forcella

There is a story going around about Picasso the painter, I do not know if it is true or not, but it is a good story. A man wanted to give his wife a special birthday gift, he asked Picasso to paint him a portrait of his wife. Picasso agreed and started painting. Next day the man came to Picasso’s atelier to see the portrait and he was surprised to see that Picasso had put her nose in the front head, one eye was underneath the mouth and her ears were out of proportions.

– But that is terrible, the man objected, – that does not look like my wife at all! Picasso looked at him and asked – Then what does your wife look like? The man took a small photo out of his wallet and showed it to Picasso who remarked – she is very small!

The point is that both the portrait and the photo where creative reflections of reality. Picasso portrayed the wife in a way that he thought would reflect the reality he saw. The photo was just a reflection because the wife was not only 5 cm tall in reality.

Reality depends on the eyes that see; from my point of view the world may look different than from your point of view. My truth is different from your truth. We can try to make scientific tests that prove we are right, but science is not the truth either. Science is merely an attempt to understand the world.

How do you think people see you? If you have a low self-esteem you will claim that people see you the same way as you do – but they do not! It is you who choose who you are. This may come as a surprise to you, but people will see you the way that you choose to look like. If you look confident then people will see you like that, if you look depressed then people will see you like that and if you smile people will see a happy and open minded person.

Task no. 2: Spend ten minutes everyday visualising how you would like other people to see you. What kind of clothes are you wearing? How do you walk? Are you happy? Are you good at specific things? Take notes after visualising and decide what you can do to look like you visualised.

Task no. 1: Small Successes

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