5 Ways To Get Out If Depressed

Depressed in Paris.... © by Toni Birrer

My back hurts and I just feel like lying down. The doctor says the pain is due to inactiveness and tells me exercise. But I cannot exercise because my back hurts and the only way to heal my back is to exercise… “ – I have heard this story I million times and I really do understand how hard it is to do one thing when every bone in your body want to do something else.

That is how depression is. We can all feel depressed now and then, it is like catching a cold that stays for a while and then gets better again. Some people are more depressed than other and the only thing you want to do is to isolate yourself and be alone and pity yourself and be negative about everything – the world really sucks when you are depressed! When you feel depressed all people are idiots that should go away and disappear.

But just like my introductory story about back pain that is cured by exercise, depression is best cured by positive experiences with other people. Here is what you can do:

  1. Take a walk! You do not need a purpose, just force your feet into their shoes and take a walk in the city. You will start feeling better almost immediately.
  2. Ask a friend out. Call someone – anyone – and meet for a cup of coffee at a café.
  3. Exercise. Go to the fitness centre or public swimming pool. Choose an activity where there will be other people.
  4. Seek crowds. If you see a crowd then go there and investigate.
  5. Say hello. Decide to greet a stranger. Say hello and smile to he first person you meet or maybe a facer or a shop assistant.

Believe me, you will feel better instantly!


  1. I can relate to all of these with the exception of crowds. I can often be intimidated by that kind of thing. Also, if you are depressed, sometimes it takes some alone time to process your emotions. Not criticising, the post is all spot on. I just have a little trouble relating to number 4 without giving myself a little extra motivation.

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