How To Map Your Situation

In my post about how to take action I presented the MAKS model to you. In this post I will elaborate the first item on the list: Mapping.

Follow these 6 simple steps to visualise your problem and solution. You can use mapping in any situation in life whether it is small or big matters. There is no right way to do it and do not try to be perfect. Mapping is a way to visualise your situation, it is not a piece of art for evaluation! I have made an example with numbers that correspond the items below. It took me about 15 minutes to make on the backside of an old time schedule I had in my bag and scanned it with my iPhone.

Mapping example

  1. Sketch your world and pin your location. After doing this many times you my have different locations on your map that symbolise e.g. job; family; school; sports etc.
  2. Zoom in and draw your location in the landscape (e.g. mountaintop; valley; water)
  3. What is your problem? – Be very concrete and narrow your problem down. If you are unhappy (abstract) then ask why you are unhappy? Put it down in one or two words.
  4. What do you want instead of this problem? Write that down too.
  5. How do you get there? Draw possible ways to get there and name them.
  6. Choose your path

In my next post I will show how to walk the path you chose; i.e. the second item in the MAKS model: Action, observe, adjust.

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