What Is Happiness?

We like to be happy and there are many ways of being happy. The concept of happiness is a bit fuzzy but I believe that our hormone system is affected by a happening and that makes us feel happy. But happiness is much more than just a feeling, because happiness subsides if it is not continuously stimulated. It is the constant stimulation that evokes the emotion of happiness.

Like everything else in this world happiness is not constant and it depends on activities that keep up the feeling of happiness. Happiness is much like success, because when we have success we also feel happy. In order to be happy we have to do well as human beings, and doing well does not mean to be good at specific disciplines, it means to be good at being human.

To be good at being human we need knowledge about life and I think it is important to take control of our own life and destiny – take responsibility for our life and find a purpose. The more knowledge and understanding we have about our own life the easier it is to get on a good path in life. The good path in life will offer both good and bad, but we have optimised this path by taking control and making good choices.

Our purpose in life is closely related to our identity and if we loose our identity then life will seem pointless. E.g. we loose our job or go through a divorce and our life seems without meaning, because the things we lost defined us, they were part of our identity and purpose of life. To be happy we need to have a purpose and an identity that will move us to take action.

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