How To Survive

To survive you need to make choices; you need to do something; you need to act. I have suggested that you look at life as an unexplored map; a mental map. On your way through life you will meet other people; you will enter crossroads; you will be confronted with difficult choices, but no matter where you are in life you will have to make choices and act on these choices. If you do not act, then your life path will become very difficult or even fatal.

In this post I will try to clarify the mental map concept a bit further. Imagine your mental map with mountains, valleys and roads. Your life is a continuous line through this map and the line is not straight; it twists and turns through the landscape on your mental map. The line only manages to cover a fraction of possible ways it could travel in the landscape. If you want something in life you need to make choices about where to travel and you have to optimise these choices if you want to get the best out of life.

The world is very complex and so is life. From where you stand there is no possible way you can see the whole world and know everything about everything, but you can choose what you would like to concern yourself with. It is like being at a party with a buffet; you cannot eat everything, you have to choose something. There is also the future dimension which none of us can possible know about. We can merely make at good choice that we think will have a good outcome for our future. You will never know if you made the best choice, because that would assume that you know the future outcome of all possible choices.

Even if the choice you make today turns out to be a bad choice, then this choice may have opened for an even better choice in the future. You cannot know what the best choice is and that is why you have to accept the choices you make and focus on the positive aspects that they will bring.

In my next post about mental maps I will present you for fitness landscapes.

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