Beautiful Mental Maps

The World looks different depending on who sees it. I like to see my life as an unexplored world with endless possibilities and choices. My path in life is an unbroken line through this world. My destiny is not predetermined but it depends on the choices I make in life. My life path is a result of the route I choose to take in my world. I can only travel the same road once, which means I cannot remake a choice of path.

If I choose a certain path I am destined to experience everything that happens on that path, and if I do not like what I experience, I am free to choose another path. That is why I like to see life as a map. For now I just call it a mental map although the term has been used in e.g. cognitive psychology. Until now the concept has been a bit blurred but the term mental map seems to fit what I describe. Maybe I will come up with something better later.

Mental MapTo make it easier to visualise you can draw your own mental map. Everything is possible and you can expand your world endlessly. The map I have shown as an example is a fantasy map I found at fantasymapmaker.

If you meet obstacles on your way in life then try to see them as a mountain you need to climb. If you feel lonely and isolated, then imagine yourself on an island and draw some distant mainland and visualise your options. You can use a pencil or advanced map-making software it is not quality that matters but your ability to visualise your options and the choices you have to get on a good path in life.

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