How To Smile

Have you noticed that when people relax in their facial muscles then the corners of the mouth turn downwards? That often happens when you are very concentrated about something and it is quite natural, but think about if it is suitable for the situation. When the corners of the mouth turn downwards you look grumpy and distant. It does not mean that you are grumpy and distant but the world around you will perceive you like that.

If you feel depressed you do not feel like smiling, but do it anyway because smiling will make you feel better. People around you will seem more kind and happy to see you. If you have to ask someone about something, then who would you rather ask, they grumpy one or the smiling one? If you want other people to care for you, to notice you, to do something for you or to listen to you, then smile and you will get all that. Your smile will make other people happy and they will return the smile and make you happy.

You can smile by turning your corners of the mouth up a bit. They do not have to turn upwards, just make them at least straight. It does not take much effort; practise this in front of the mirror and you will see the massive change it makes to your face and attitude. You also have to pull the muscles at the corners of your eyes, just a little bit. It does not take much energy or effort, just practise this in front of the mirror and be aware of your smile when you are among other people.

I will give you two exercises that helped me:

  1. Do 100 smiles in front of the mirror every day. You need to tighten the muscles completely. It makes you look funny, but I will strengthen the muscles you need to smile.
  2. Collect smiles: Walk through town and catch peoples eyes while you turn your muscles a bit to straight or upward. Notice how many will smile back at you and notice the feeling inside yourself. It will give you self-confidence.

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