How To Be Visible

Being noticed is a large topic and is also called marketing. This post is merely food for thinking and maybe it will give you some ideas to focus on.

Do you sometimes feel like you blend in with the walls and the pattern of the wallpaper? Do you feel like you are invisible walking down the street? Are you the one who end up along the wall of a room or in the back of a crowd? Are you the one people bump into without even noticing? Are you the one people do not hear if you try to say something? Well I could go on with these familiar questions, but you can turn this around and become visible.

First of all you have to find out who you are. I can recommend taking a lot of personality tests that will give you an idea of who you are. Start out by testing your foundation. You need to work intensively on this for about one year and after a while you will start to get to know yourself. This can be quite scary because people who are invisible often try to escape who they are. Your visibility comes from within yourself.

If you want people to listen when you talk, you first of all need to convince yourself that you have the right to talk. Then step out of your body and look at yourself, listen to your voice – is there anything you could change in your attitude?

If you want people to see you, then look at your clothes. Are you mostly wearing grey colours and worn shoes? Do you pay any attention to fashion at all? You need to break some personal barriers and get a smart haircut and wear bright clear colours that support your personality.

And today’s most important tip: Smile!

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