How To Build A Solid Foundation

If you are stuck and feeling unsuccessful then it is time for change and change requires a solid foundation. Every aspect of our life has a core where our life path and worldview originate. This core contains the basic idea of everything we know and experience. You will find this core inside yourself and that is why everything you want in life, without exception, starts inside yourself.

First thing you need to do is to build a strong body and mind that can serve you well in your life path. This is the basic foundation and it encompasses elements like nutrition, exercise and rest. To develop yourself and others you need to have a strong body and mind and to get that you have to give your body optimal conditions. Your health will be reflected in everything you do and your successes depend on your health.

E.g. if you are a human resource manager in a company and you want to improve absence, how well do you think you will do if you frequently call in sick? Or what if you were a doctor that have a distinct smell of tobacco? – Would you appear convincing when you tell your patient to stop smoking? How well do you think your brain would work without fuel? Would you make good decisions if you are stressed and tired?

That is why you have to build a basic foundation inside yourself as the first thing. Then you can start working on your immediate environment that encloses people with whom we have an everyday relation. This is the phase where development takes place and when you have build a solid foundation for your inner core and immediate environment, then you can start change and expand your world in new environments.

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