How To Clean Up Your Cluttered Life

Do your life feel chaotic and cluttered? Most of us have tried the frustrating feeling of chaos and loss of perspective. Everything seems hopeless and you just feel like giving up. This entry is an introduction to frequent tips on how to clean up your life and regain your sense of perspective.

In my worldview it is all about energy and whether that energy has a positive or negative impact on my life. To maintain a good perspective of life I think it is very important to keep things as simple as possible. Do not cling to the past, live in the present and do not worry about the future. The past is history and there is nothing you can do to change it and the future is unknown, so why worry? I have a strong believe that my present actions will lead to a good future.

Take a good look at your life areas, like partnership, physical surroundings, economy, health, mind, social network etc. Every aspect of your life needs to be cleaned up. You have to remove everything that you do not need. Remove items or thoughts that belong to the past and do not contribute to a positive development. E.g. if you went through a divorce, then you need to remove everything that reminds you of your ex partner in order to get on in life.

In general you need to remove things that you do not use, because they will clutter your life and fill it with stagnation or even destruction.


  1. Good ideas I definitely need to try! Thanks for the post.

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