The Secret About Routines

We need routines to exist!

The downside is that we prefer to hold on to routines that hinder us from success. Man’s nature is to pursuit happiness and to do that he needs to be in some control of his own destiny. The odd thing is that to maintain happiness you need to constantly change and develop and this implies loss of control. You have to let go of control to truly pursuit happiness otherwise you will get stuck in your routines.

The art of living a happy life is to create good routines that contribute to your development. The complete routines are, by nature, inflexible but you have to build in some flexibility in your routines to make sure they can be changed without crumbling. This is why change has to be done in small steps.

The same routine will not make you happy forever and if you hold on to that routine it will eventually become destructive or at least lead to stagnation. If your life is a mess then start building a good foundation of routines that will support your development. Continue questioning how your routines can be better so that you will feel happiness.

For the past 3 years I have been working hard to get my business running. From the beginning there were no customers and no income. Today I have enough work and I try to spread work to prevent exhaustion. Wednesdays are always packed and although the work is important for my economic foundation I feel that the routines on Wednesdays are increasingly destructive. I now ask myself – What can I do to get a good Wednesday?

Whenever you feel that one of your routines starts to affect you in a negative way then ask yourself what you can do to change that.

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