How To Choose Your Reality

To find the truth we choose to base it on the stories we find most trustworthy. We automatically trust stories that are told by our close friends, because we do not see any reason for them to lie to us. But we tend to ignore that they could be misinformed and tell stories that are at variance with reality; or maybe they just reproduce reality from their own point of view. We also trust stories that the majority are convinced represent reality; e.g. the medias.

It is worth keeping this in back of our mind when we communicate messages to our surroundings. If you tell something to someone you do not know, it is most likely that this person will seek verification from someone he knows better. That is why you have to look and act trustworthy if you want people to adapt your worldview. E.g. you are at a job interview; if what you say and how you dress is inconsistent, then you will not get the job because you do not appear trustworthy.

Another example: Whom do you vote for at elections and how do you justify your choice of candidate? Most people base their choice on the stories told in the medias and a lot of people just choose their candidate because he dresses nice and seem sympathetic.

To be welcome in other people’s worlds you need to reflect a worldview that they can identify with.

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