How to trust

Trust is something you choose to do; it is not a feeling. You choose to trust in order to survive and if you are lacking trust your life will be full of fear and anxiety. Trust involves the willingness to let go of control and expect something good in return.

E.g. if you need to go to a destination – say Tokyo – then you will go to the airport and look for a sign that says Tokyo. The sign will inform you that this plane will take you to Tokyo if you go to “Gate 2”. At the gate you will be met by a stewardess who ensures you this plane will fly to Tokyo. You choose to board the plane and rest by the thought that you will soon land in Tokyo. But how will you actually know? What if the pilot decides to fly to Greenland instead? There is no way that you can know that for sure. The only thing you can do is to trust that everybody involved have the best intentions to bring you safely to Tokyo.

Trust means to leave control to others and expect something good in return.

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